• Barrel Stabilisers (Pack of 6)

    3.00 out of 5
    Barrel stabilisers give your barrel extra support when housed in an outer barrel. Helps increase accuracy through stabilisation.
  • Fighting Bro Barrels

    0 out of 5
    Fighting Bro alloy barrels are some of the best after market barrels on the market. With a polished mirror finish on the inner barrel, they put less friction on the gels as the fly out of the barrel. We have trialed every supplier of barrels we could locate to find a truly “precision” alloy barrel. On top of the already mirror finish we personally clean each individual after and inspect before we sell them. Buying guide:
    • Red Standard - is for the gels that are on the bigger end of the 7-8mm e.g. Orange stingers or Greens.
    • Blue Tight Bore - are for your smaller gels that are around the 6.8 to 7mm e.g. Milky's