• INFINITY, CNC U-30000, Short Axle

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    This is a short shaft version, rated to run at 30000 rpm. The latest high-performance motors in the ULTIMATE Upgrade Series are made with CNC machined parts for greater strength and performance, and have all been developed to include the latest technologically developments, in a continuing effort to offer a wider selection of motors allowing the discerning Gelsoft player to find the optimal solution for any particular upgrade. For in-depth information on the INFINITY CNC series, see datasheet here. Features:
    • CNC machined aluminum front and back covers
    • CNC machined pinion steel gear
    • CNC machined stainless steel shaft
    • Silicon steel rotor
    • Precision built motor housing
    • Heat resistant rare-earth magnets
    • Enlarged motor-shaft ball-bearing stabilizers
    • High-grade silver plated wiring and larger carbon brushes for improved electrical conductivity
    The INFINITY CNC motors are designed, with the best features found in Gelsoft motors currently on the marked. The result is a motor which is at the pinnacle of what is achievable today. The INIFINITY CNC is the best of the best.
    $145.00 $130.00
  • Red Chi Hai 460 motor

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    The Red Chi Hai motor has an outstanding reputation and for very good reason. Try and pull two of these apart you will see why. The magnets are truly rare earth magnets and have amazing pulling power. Beware cheap knock off Chi Hai motors. They can be stamped or unstamped and it’s hard to tell without putting two together. Ours are the real deal.