Gearbox UMP 45

  • 7mm Bushings Pk 6

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    bushings can take all the stress your setup throws at it. Unlike ball bearing bushings, they won't break under high strain. When you purchase an Gel blaster, most likely it comes with platic bushings. Those plastic bushings break easily. Techs highly recommended you to upgrade your standard plastic bushings to solid metal Gel Blaster bushings. Manufacturer: Size: 7mm Material: Steel Solid Metal Bushings Total of Six Bushings
  • GBA UPGRADED Drop in Gen8 Gearbox

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    GBA UPGRADED Drop in Gen8 Gearbox Upgrade your stock Gen8 gearbox to one of these finely tuned, fully assembled, ready to drop in GBA gearboxes. The parts for each of these have been hand picked for there quality and installed by our quality gel blaster technicians. Each box has been shimmed & AOE* corrected to insure they work properly and will not wear out and has been tuned to gain the highest performance from the parts used. There are 3 boxes, for a list of what's inside see below. GBA Upgraded Gearbox Red/ Blue/ Black 460 Chi Hai
    1. Red Chi Hai 460 + 12:1 CNC Hardened Gears or
    2. Blue Chi Hai 460 + 18:1 CNC Hardened Gears
    3. Black S460 Speed/Torque motor + 12:1 CNC Hardened Gears
    ALL gearboxes have
    • 10 amp trigger
    • Barrel of choice ( let us know when you order)
    • 16 Tooth nylon piston with hardened metal rack
    • 8mm Cylinder head & Tip
    • Upgraded trigger straight
    • Element AS shims
    • GBA custom silver spring
    • Gen8 motor mount
    • Gen8 Nylon Singularity Gearbox
    • Gen8 Nylon tappet plate
    • Gen8 Spring retainer
    • Gen8 Switch cover
    • Alloy piston head 8 hole
    • Stainless steel cylinder
    • Piston head sorbo
    • Wiring harness
    • 8mm Bushes