Gearbox G36 V2

  • GATE – NanoAAB™ **Pre Order**

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    NanoAAB NanoAAB is the latest, 3rd generation MOSFET with active brake. The application of the most up-to-date transistors and microprocessor enabled us to create the smallest and the most reliable MOSFET with active brake in the market. Thanks to its special coating, it is resistant to atmospheric conditions.
  • GATE – TITAN V2™ Advanced Set

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    TITAN™ (drop-in mosfet) will transform your Gelblaster into an advanced training weapon system. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response, with an option of adjusting the Gelblaster for each mission with 20 functions. Give your Gelblaster a new lease of life!

    What is a drop-in mosfet? It is an electronic unit, which replaces the trigger contacts and the cut-off lever, which takes control of your Gelblaster.

    TITAN gives you the option to adjust:

    • Trigger sensitivity
    • Pre-cocking boost
    • Fire selector mode
    • Burst mode
    • Rate of fire
    • Low battery warning
    • Battery protection
    • Sniper delay

    TITAN V2™ Advanced Set

    At once you purchase TITAN with ADVANCED firmware edition, USB-Link and USB cables allowing to connect TITAN to PC as well as Android device. The ADVANCED firmware edition offers wide variety of functions and is dedicated for those who like complex solutions. It enables access to the Statistics and TITAN World Rankings. To learn all the differences between firmware editions, please check the comparison table. Kit contents:
    1. TITAN V2 with ADVANCED firmware edition (rear or front wired)
    2. USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App
    3. USB Cables: a) USB-A to Micro-USB (1.5m / 4ft 11in) b) USB-C to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in) c) Micro-USB to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in)
    4. Installation Kit
    5. Quickstart Guides
    Mag wires not included.
  • GATE – TITAN V2™ Basic Set

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    TITAN V2 Basic Module - the best if you long for having TITAN in two or more Gelblaster . Then you do not need the second USB-Link from the Advanced or Complete set. It includes TITAN with BASIC firmware edition. The BASIC firmware edition is an economic version with limited number of functions, dedicated for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality.  If you decide to have more functions, there is always option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED.
    1. TITAN V2 with BASIC firmware edition (rear or front wired)
    2. Installation Kit
    3. Quickstart Guide
    Mag wires not included. NOTICE! In order to configure TITAN, you need the USB-Link or Tactical Programming Card which is not included in this kit. TITAN V2™ is an Gelblaster  Control System for V2 gearboxes which will transform your Gelblaster  into an advanced training weapon. Adjust your Gelblaster  using USB-Link and GATE Control Station app for PC and Android devices. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response, option of adjusting trigger sensitivity to your preferences and many other useful functions. Give your Gelblaster  a new lease of life! Thanks to the optical sensors we have eliminated the problem of faulty switches that can occur in competitors' drop-in mosfets. The trigger has no mechanical connections with the PCB. This eliminates mechanical stresses and provides for high reliability. Check full TITAN V2 description

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    WARFET is GATE’s an advanced Gelblaster Control System. It has 20 functions and almost 6 million possible configurations. The outstanding Tactical Programming Card provides you with very easy access to the WARFET Power Module settings.
  • SHS 7mm Bushes Pk 6

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    SHS bushings can take all the stress your setup throws at it. Unlike ball bearing bushings, they won't break under high strain. When you purchase an Gel blaster, most likely it comes with platic bushings. Those plastic bushings break easily. Techs highly recommended you to upgrade your standard plastic bushings to solid metal Gel Blaster bushings. Manufacturer: SHS Size: 7mm Material: Steel Solid Metal Bushings Total of Six Bushings