• EasyFET V2

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    The popular easyFET Low-cost Gel Ball Mosfet makes a come back with Version 2! Changes:
    • Larger, beginner friendly solder pads.
    • Simplified pad layout for easier wiring.
    • Doubled the thickness of copper traces (2oz Copper)
    • Added surface-mount flyback diode!

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    WARFET is GATE’s an advanced Gelblaster Control System. It has 20 functions and almost 6 million possible configurations. The outstanding Tactical Programming Card provides you with very easy access to the WARFET Power Module settings.
  • Tactical Programming Card For Gate Titan

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    TITAN Tactical Programming Card

    Provides you with very easy access to the Drop-in Module functions' settings anywhere you are.
    1. TITAN Tactical Programming Card
    2. Quickstart Guide
    Notice: TITAN is not compatible with WARFET Tactical Programming Card.

    Tactical Programming Card

    Configure your TITAN in the field using the outstanding Tactical Programming Card which provides you with very easy access to the Drop-in Module functions.
    What is the difference between using Tactical Programming Card or USB-Link? The main difference is that the Tactical Programming Card is small, lightweight and portable. Using USB-Link with GATE Control Station™ gives more functions, including firmware update and requires connection to PC.
    Tactical Programming Card USB-Link with GATE-CS
    Settings adjustment + +
    Firmware update - +
    Portable + -
    Sensors check + +
    Diagnostic Trouble Codes + +
    Statistics - +
    Additional settings - +


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