WELL M4/M401

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WELL M4/M401

$195.00 $130.00

The M4Well has earned a reputable name for itself for good reason. Out of the box performance is probably the best there is. The handguard, stock, grip and iron site are all nylon.

  • Range 25-30m stock
  • Single and auto fire select options
  • Gels 7-8mm
  • Mag fed
  • 10000 Ausgel hardened gels
  • USB charger


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Weight 5 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Indigo, Light-Blue, Red


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2 reviews for WELL M4/M401

  1. 5 out of 5

    thanks guys bought one of these as a backup gun for a comp coming up, so glad I did it performed great had good range and with the hop up it was shooting straight over long distances thanks guys.

    • Glad youre happy with it mate 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    Easily the best out-the-box gel blaster that I’ve experienced, better range and firerate than almost any other stock gun and the price on this site is the best I’ve seen yet ($195, $130 on sale).

    Take not that you shouldn’t upgrade the motor and cylinder without metal or nylon gears, my friend used the basic plastic gears the gun comes with but upgraded the motor and cylinder (no port) and it stripped all the teeth off – best to upgrade anyway because the sound is nice with metal gears 😉 I’ve heard you can use an 11.1v battery with the stock blaster with no problems but apparently the return spring can be a little faulty so just double check you have a spare or are willing to buy one (~$5).

    Hop up works nice but a bit pricey when buying online (~$20 depending on seller), there’s no drum mag ATM so I recommend getting an extra one and duct-taping or buying a dual-mag connector (or just a pouch on your vest or pants).

    Personally my only problem was the spring stopper wasn’t twisted properly when they shipped it over; I was shooting casually and ‘pop,’ the gun shakes and won’t shoot any more. Take off the stock and out shoots the battery and spring – the stopped had shifted slightly and came out the gearbox, letting the spring fly out. This broke the clip on the Wells’ battery connector so I had to buy a bunch of Deans connectors (don’t try Tamiya they suck, trust me on this) and brush up on soldering. Be aware the actual wires in the wells are quite short when coming out the gun so you may need to lengthen them (I took an old extension cord and just took the wires out there and soldered them on). So you can avoid all this in the first place by just making sure the spring plug thingy is twisted a full 45 degrees before you use the gun (visible when looking in the back from where the battery connector is).

    So all in all, great gun, there are good upgrades available and it’s quite reliable, good weight and shoots fast, far and (relatively, for a gel blaster) straight. You can also get a black nylon receiver which I wish I’d gotten, although you can just spraypaint the stock receiver matte black and it looks just as good.

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